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Assembly Order BOM

Each assembled item may be composed of raw materials, subassemblies, or a combination of the two.  Subassemblies are called "Work in Progress" in Trayse Inventory's Item layout.  An assembly may be several layers of the items.  The BOM tab will display the entire BOM tree (i.e. multi-level BOM).

SKU - The stock keeping unit (SKU) of the item needed for the assembly.

--- Required --- for BOM - The quantity required in order to make one unit of the assembly sku or, if further down the tree, the subassembly.  The quantity is displayed with the unit of measure.

--- Required --- for Request - The quantity required in order to make the Qty to Assemble that is in the Assembly Header.  The unit of measure is not displayed as it is the same as the for BOM column.

Available - The quantity available of that SKU at the warehouse.  Note that the unit of measure might be different then the one listed for the BOM.  Also note that this number is dynamic and will change in real time as those SKU quantities change.