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Viewing Editing Deleting

Once an item has been added to an order line, it can be viewed at any time.  If the status is "New" then it can also be edited or deleted.  To access the view, edit, and delete of a particular item, click on the ellipsis icon at the right of the portal.

This example shows a Purchase Order, but the View, Edit, Delete works the same for Estimate Orders, Sales Orders, Return Orders, and Invoice Orders.

When the order status is "New":


When the order status is something other than "New":


View opens the window in Read Only mode.  The fields are not modifiable.  View is always available, regardless of the order status.


Edit opens the window with the ability to edit the record.  You cannot change the item.  However, you can change the following:

  • Quantity Ordered
  • Unit of Measure
  • Cost
  • Discount (in currency)
  • Discount (as a percentage)
  • The Pending Quantity
  • The Received Quantity

Lot and Serial Number fields are available for those items that have lots or serial numbers (as designated on the Item layout).  However, the presumption is that you will not know the lot or serial number until an item is received. 

Since these fields will mostly be used when selling or picking items, they are covered in those articles.

Reminder: Edit is only available when the order status is "New".



Delete the item from the order line.

Reminder: Delete is only available when the order status is "New".