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Sales Order Processes

Process buttons for the Sales Order are at the bottom of the layout.  There are 5 options:

Release to Picking... - Releases the Sales Order to the Picking process.  There are two options for picking:

Pick by Order - This creates a new picking document, populated with only the items from this particular Sales Order.

The advantage of picking by order is that it may reduce picking errors since the picker can concentrate on fulfilling a single order.

The disadvantage of picking by order is that it adds more traffic in the pick lanes and more travel time for the pickers.

Pick by Batch - This adds the existing Sales Order lines to any available Pick record.

The advantage of picking by batch is that it reduces traffic in the pick lanes and requires less travel by the pickers.

The disadvantage of picking by order is that it may create more errors in picking, since pickers are pulling items for multiple orders at the same time.

Once an option is selected, the status changes to "In Progress".  A pick reference number is provided in the header data on the top left of the layout.

Print Preview - This creates a PDF but it does not update the item's Allocated quantity, nor does it create a transaction record.  Print Preview is always available, regardless of the order status.

Hold - Holds the Sales Order indefinitely.

Edit - This is a customization option if you need to edit an order after it has been released to the picking.  For more information, contact New Leaf Data, LLC to discuss your particular business rules for this process.

Cancel - Cancels the Sales Order.  An order cannot be canceled once it has been completed or partially filled.

Sales Order PDF