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Item Image
To view an item's image, go to More, Image. Images are set during the set-up ... more
Item Susbstitute
There may be times when you are out of a particular item. This is known as a "st... more
Item Upsells
Upsell items are products that are closely connected to the currently viewed pro... more
Item Vendors
You may have inventory items that are supplied by multiple vendors. To manage an... more
Item Quantities
Knowing the quantity of your inventory is at the heart of an inventory managemen... more
Item History
Items move in and out of your warehouses. To view a history of a particular item... more
Item Serial Numbers
You can manage serialize items in Trayse Inventory. To see an item's serial numb... more
Safety Stock
Safety stock is the quantity of items available at the time a purchase order is ... more
Item KPI
You can view a general set of Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, for each item... more